Why Swim?  

Swimming Saves Lives

Water can be dangerous. It should be treated with respect and understanding. Children who know how to swim well not only can save themselves when in water, but are far more equipped to recognize the inherent dangers of water. 

Childhood development

Swimming exercises and strengthens a child's muscular and cardio vascular systems. The unique environment allows the body to move in ways it cannot on land, leading to better co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Signs of improved cognitive development have been noticed by several researchers and a world first study is currently underway at Universities across the world. Research has shown that 5 year old's that swam for most of their lives are better equipped and prepared to leave mom and dad and begin their schooling than children with little or no exposure to swimming. 

Builds self esteem

There is no doubt that a child's confidence improves when they learn how to swim. Our swim coaches create an environment that can allow your child to thrive. Your child will feel a sense of personal achievement that comes with performing skills that were once impossible to them. As children enter school, swimming is one of the ways kids begin to compare themselves to others in a positive and healthy manner. Children swimmers are also more goal-oriented and become more motivated to perform at their highest level. Many of these positive outlooks and attitudes are transferred into other areas of life, in school, work and ultimately adulthood. 

A great way to bond

There is strong evidence that recreational sports and activities assist in developing a  child's cognitive and social intelligence. Children develop long lasting friendships and relationships with peers as well as swim coaches and instructors. Children create special and different bonds that are developed in a unique, fun and safe environment, that is differs from their schooling environment in that there is more flexibility in exploring their individual strengths. 

Long term health and fitness

Fitness and health trainers all agree that swimming is a wonderful activity for all ages. The controlled breathing needed to swim is good for the respiratory system. Swimming uses different muscles because of the reduced gravity acting on the body. Exercising in water is also low impact, meaning that people with injuries or the elderly can exercise without the pain. As well children growing bodies can sometimes be painful, exercising strengthens muscles and is soft on joints and bones unlike the stress that comes with running or going to the gym. Swimming allows  children to grow gently with a strong, lean and healthy physical development. 

A Social Activity

Bored? Looking for something to do ? Trying to keep your children busy, and not glued to their electronic device? Swimming is fun, its a low impact no-physical contact sport. That can allow children to participate in activities why being active! Swimming is necessary skill  for all children and families to learn. By learning this skill, it opens new avenues for children and adults, while going to the beach, pool parties and even participating on high school swim teams or simply swimming for enjoyment!   Swimming is  great social activity for parents and children to bond and share an activity together. Its great to learn of the importance of swimming, its even better to experience it!  And of course you want your kids to be able to swim with their children, your grandchildren !