Daki swim school was able to work with both of my kids at the same time, I love that different age group were able to train and swim at the same time and both get the individual attention they need! 

 - Andriy 

Daki Swim Club really are very helpful, friendly and provide the best and fastest results! Daki quickly helped my son improve his stroke, stamina and swim techniques in a very short amount of time! 

 - Anna

Daki Swim school, is absolutely Amazing! They are professional, informative and really do provide results! They have helped my child overcome fear of water, and start swimming competitively! I would strongly recommend to anyone unsure of which swim school to choose. Choose Daki ! You won't regret it ! 

​- C

Hear what our clients have to say! 

Our Swim school has over 15 years of teaching competitive and beginner swimmers.  Our experience and knowledge enables us to deliver results in a fun and safe environment.

Our knowledgeable swim coaches customize swim practices based on each student’s individual needs to ensure the most optimal learning experience possible.

Our training programs are dedicated to strengthen muscle, respiratory and cardio vascular systems, build individual confidence and increase overall mental and physical health.

Swimming is fun, and a great social activity! SWIMMING SAVES LIVES!

​ We cater to all ages and levels, our professional team will teach the proper swimming techniques to help all beginner swimmers learn to swim, as well we specialize in helping children overcome fear of water and strengthen endurance for more advanced swimmers looking for higher level of competitive swimming.​



About our school

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READY, SET, GO! Our swim school will offers the best professional techniques to prepare swimmers for competitions, allowing better faster results! 

Our program consists of a minimum of  two, 1-hour practices, in which occur twice a week. Practice makes perfect. In order to improve cardio- vascular, respiratory, endurance and overall physical fitness swimmers must go through a consistent swimming regime. 

Our swimmers work hard, and are dedicated to achieving their individual best results. 


This level is designed for children that have little or no experience in water and maybe even fearful of water.  focus on primary skills, perfecting proper stroke form and  increased endurance. The program offers an opportunity for swimmers who may be unsure if competitive swimming is for them to be exposed to the type of training that would take place in competitive swimming. 

Novice is the first level of competitive swimming. Swimmers will learn to swim effectively and continue to refine the four competitive strokes in order to develop the necessary skills required for the next level. Excercises and strokes will be repeated numerous times,  in order to improve swimming techniques, physical fitness and endurance. This type of systematic swimming challenges the cardio-vascular, respiratory, muscular and nervous systems of the body. 


Swimmers at this level are goal oriented, passionate and committed. They continue to refine the necessary racing skills required to advance to the next level. Swimmers learn the importance of practice and self-discipline. 

ADVANCED / AGES 9-12 AND 12-16
Swimmers at this level are goal oriented, passionate and committed. Swimmers work on technical skills, focus on establishing personal best records! Swimmers continue to practice and refine skills required to advance to the next level.